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Daylight Administrative Boundaries

Daylight administrative boundaries are sourced directly from OpenStreetMap, and provide optional admin coverage beyond Daylight’s core focus on street-scale features.

Esri demo map showing county-level admin boudaries near San Francisco

How To Use

There one of these two workflows to add Daylight Administrative Boundaries to a map using only open source tools.

Use Osmium to apply the OSC file to the Daylight Planet PBF and fix negative IDs before importing them to PostgreSQL database with osm2pgsql. Steps:

  1. Use Osmium to apply the changes to the planet file. Example:

    osmium apply-changes planet.osm.pbf admins.osc.gz -o everything.osm.pbf

    This will result in a single combined PBF file called everything.osm.pbf.

  2. Use osm2pgsql to import the output PBF from previous steps

Alternatively, import Daylight Planet PBF to PostgreSQL then import the OSC file separately. Steps:

  1. Use osm2pgsql to import the Planet PBF

  2. Use osm2pgsql --append to import the OSC file

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