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Additional Building Height Estimates in Daylight

Dec 2nd, 2022

Starting in v1.20, we are adding building height tags from 8 US cities into the Daylight Map Distribution. This adds height tags to around 3 million existing OSM buildings.

With the growing interest and use cases related to 3D data, improving building tags reflecting geometry becomes even more important. We gather 2.5D and 3D building datasets published by City GIS departments and use them to infer heights for existing OSM buildings. In order to avoid revising existing height tags, we add height values into the est_height tag of the building. Some of the highlights of the release are as follows:

We’d love to hear any feedback or comments.

How To Reach The Team

If you have any questions about this data distribution, we have created a #daylightdistro_feedback Slack channel in OSM US. Members of the team will be there periodically to answer questions. You can also email the team at osm@fb.com.