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Daylight Map Distribution v0.9 Released

Mar 12th, 2021

Version 0.9 of Daylight Map Distribution now available for download.

📥 Download Daylight Map Distribution right now in OpenStreetMap PBF format: 📦 planet-v0.9.osm.pbf (62.3GB)

As always, coastlines, administrative boundaries, and buildings from our collaborators at Esri and Microsoft are also available:

v0.9 Summary

Users often ask questions about what features we’re specifically filtering for publication with Daylight. As we’ve evolved our process over the past months, we’ve made it easier to share details about our work on the data. For v0.9, analyst Charmaine Bonifacio assembled all the issues we found when constructing v0.9:

How To Reach The Team

If you have any questions about this data distribution, we have created a #daylightdistro_feedback Slack channel in OSM US. Members of the team will be there periodically to answer questions. You can also email the team at osm@fb.com.

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