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Daylight Map Distribution v0.6 Released with Administrative Boundaries

Nov 25th, 2020

Continuing with our monthly release cadence, Daylight v0.6 is now available to download. We’ve added new administrative boundary data accompanying the main data file.

📥 Download Daylight Map Distribution right now in OpenStreetMap PBF format: 📦 planet-v0.6.osm.pbf (60.1GB).

New in v0.6: Administrative Boundaries

With Esri’s recent release of a Daylight Map Distribution basemap, we’re including more new data with the distribution. While Facebook has not included OSM-derived administrative boundaries in our display maps before, partners like Esri wish to include them with their published maps. Today, you can download administrative boundary relations derived from OpenStreetMap in a separate OSC changeset file below. At this time, the admin boundaries skip our data quality filter and are provided “as-is” direct from OpenStreetMap.

Esri demo map showing county-level admin boudaries near San Francisco

How To Reach The Team

If you have any questions about this data distribution, we have created a #daylightdistro_feedback Slack channel in OSM US. Members of the team will be there periodically to answer questions. You can also email the team at osm@fb.com.

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